Tuesday, April 13, 2010

our first GIFTS!

A couple weeks ago Bryan and I got our first gifts in the mail. Orignally we weren't going to open them. Bryan wanted us to wait until after we got married...Like I could really wait 4 months? I couldn't keep my eyes of the Macys boxes. Finally Bryan agreed that we could open them. I ripped open the boxes super fast. Wine glasses and Beer mugs!!! The perfect gift for the both of us :) Later I found out that the gifts were bridal shower gifts anyway, so I was suppose to open them. Thanks Natasha! OUr first gifts were perfect gifts!

Whats reality?

This is us at the auditon.

It's been a while since I've blogged because so many things have been happening...It's really hard to keep up! The wedding plans are going great! About a month ago Bryan and I auditioned for a reality TV show called 'Battle of the wedding planners' on TLC. We didn't want to tell anyone until it was a for sure thing...It's been well over a month and we haven't heard from them so We're confident to say that we didn't get it. This news has left us with a sigh of relief. We loved the idea of having a reality show film our wedding and the 10,000 additon to our current budget would have been Fab. The problem with the whole idea is we began to feel more like our wedding was 'just' a TV show and not our wedding. It felt like a big production. We only get to do this wedding thing once. Even though we're not going to have Jack Johnson sing our first song live, we're still going to have a great wedding on a real budget, not a reality budget.