Monday, November 15, 2010

Honeymoon Redwoods!

This was our final destination. We were so excited to be in the redwoods!! Our campsite was amazing. The weather was perfect. Next to the campsite was a river with a rope swing. We had the best time on the river and we drove through the Avenue of the Giants and saw a ton of big ass trees. HA!

driving through a redwood


Our final good bye!

We had the most wonderful time!

Honeymoon campground three

This video was at the beach in Carmel. We took a day trip from our Big Sur campground and went up to the Monterey Aquarium. On the way we stopped here. It was so beautiful we couldn't resist. It was the first time in the whole trip that we felt the warmth of the sun. The water was extremely clear! We took a nap, fed the birds and touched the water.

At the third campground called Clear Lake. We were so excited to go to this campsite because it was a Lake. Sadly we got the wors campsite ever...We still had fun :)

After we went in the Lake...

More honeymoon videos

This is our second campground

This was also part of the second campground in Big Sur. Very beautiful but also it as very cold!

We went for a hike. We could see a waterfall fall on to the beach. I really wanted to get down to the beach because of how beautiful it was but sadly we weren't able to.

Bryan not willing to do a video interview :) This was on a different part of the hike.

Our honeymoon!

We are lucky to have two honeymoon's planned. Our first honeymoon adventure was a trip up the coast to the redwoods.We did this trip right after the wedding! It was the perfect getaway trip. We had never gone camping just the two of us so we were learned a ton about each other on this trip...The trip was 7 days totaly. We went to Solvang, Napa, Big Sur, Pismo Beach, Carmel, Monterey aquarium, Winchester House, Clear Lake, and the Redwoods. The trip was filled with normal honeymoon activites, camp fires, beer, reading harry potter book 7, sexy time, wine, hikes, rope swings and cribbage matches. Our second honeymoon is going to be to New Zealand. That trip starts on Dec 19th. I'll keep you posted. Below or some G rated videos from our road trip.

First campground

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day after the wedding

The day after the wedding Bryan and I got a hotel room down at Laguna Beach.
The drive from our wedding venue to our hotel was filled with conversation about the memories we had from the day before. We had never felt so much love. We both remembered so many different things that day it was wonderful to compare the stories. I was constantly checking facebook from Bryans Iphone to look for pictures. Once we got to the hotel we took a long needed nap. We went to dinner that night at this amazing restuarant where we sat over looking the beach and another wedding. Watching another wedding as we toasted to the beginning of our marriage was fun. I was filled with so many emotions. Bryan and I are so happy. We are family now! This is the beginning of our journey as husband and wife.
Watching the sunset.
Enjoying bloody mary's

On the way down to the hotel in the car.