Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bridal shower!!

My bridal shower was April 11th but I've been so busy in school that I haven't had a chance to write about it. It was amazing :) There were so many amazing people that made it. I felt so loved! All my favorite ladies were in one room and I could feel their positive energy and love for Bryan and I. It was wonderful to know that Bryan and I had so much support. Candace and my mom made all the yummy food. They did a wonderful job...people still are talking about how great the food was. I was also very happy that we were able to play flip cup :) Although we didn't have beer, we got to play with red wine...It's how you play when you're trying to be fancy I guess.
Thank you everyone!! You made me feel very speacial!

Wedding dress arrival!!

I'm so thrilled that my dress has arrived :) Back in August I fell in love with a beautiful dress that was 1800 bucks...sadly that was wayyyy too much for my budget. I went home and instantly started to search the internet. Thats when I found I love them!! I found my dress of only 1000 bucks and it came a month earlier then expected :) I'm so so so happy!!!
Sorry folks, all you get to see is the pretty box...72 more days until the big day!

Wedding chain update

As the wedding date is getting closer, our wedding chain is getting much shorter! It's really exciting to see the chain only have three months left on it. These are a couple videos and pictures of our updated wedding chain :) ENJOY!