Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Engagment story!!

This story is on our wedding website but I wanted to post it here too! Enjoy :)

The Engagement...

On June 14th, 2009 Bryan and Katie set off to Catalina Island for a day of kayaking, snorkeling, and relaxing for their three year anniversary. Katie was secretly hoping the day would become something more than just sun and sand but her hopes quickly vanished when she couldn't find a ring anywhere...not in his jacket, the bag, or his pants. Bryan, knowing Katie is a snoop dawg, made sure the ring wasn't anywhere to be found and purposly made her hold his jacket and made her pack the day bag.

They arrived on the island and was surprised at how sunny and beautiful the day was. The weather report didn't look so good. They bought ice cream and went straight to the kayak rental. They kayaked over to Frog Rock where Bryan said there was going to be amazing snorkeling. On the beach there was a blanket set up with flowers and a sign that read "reserved for Bryan and Katie. Happy Anniversary". At this point Katie was convienced that it was just about their anniversary.

Bryan pulled out a bag full of a bunch of fun boxes full of food. Each box had a different kind of food in it: white chocolate, chesse, crackers, meats, mushrooms with green olives, and fruit. Bryan explained that he paid a company to set all of it up. Katie believed him because earlier that month Bryan's brother, Kevin (planting the seed), told Katie he was taking his girlfriend, Vanessa, to Catalina and had paid a company to set up a romantic setting.

As they were snacking on all the delious food (thanks Kathy) Bryan pulled out a small wooden box. Katie thought 'hmmm, that one must have chocolate.' They were sitting down so Bryan got up onto one knee, opened the box to reveal the most beautiful, perfect, sparkly engagement ring. The bright sun caught the ring just right and Katie burst into tears as bryan said "Katie, will you marry me?" Through her tears Katie managed to say "you're joking, you've got to be joking"...you see, Bryan had been fake proposing all over the place in the 6 months leading up to the actual proposal...

.....While driving in the car Bryan began to tell Katie how amazing she was. Bryan pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and opened it in a way that it looked like a possible ring box and said "Do you like me cell phone?" This same thing happend in many different settings: while slow dancing in our bedroom, while driving up to LA on Valentines day, on my birthday, and at my credential graduation dinner with my whole family and his parents.

Back to the actual proposal...you can see why Katie would think that this was some kind of joke, even though there was a perfectly great ring right in front of her. Bryan pointed out to the water and said "do you know who those two people are?' Katie looked out and his two brothers, Kevin and Ricky, were in a kayak video taping the whole thing. This made Katie cry harder. She was so happy that there would be pictures of the exact moment. Bryan then said "you never answered my question." Katie excalimed "YES! of course it's yes!"

They opened chanpagne with Bryan's brothers and had a toast. There was tears, hugs and happiness. Bryan's brothers left back to the dock where the happy couple would meet them later to celebrate more. On the shore Bryan and Katie looked out into the ocean, hand in hand, and they gushed over how much they love each other and how happy they both are. Bryan explained the whole set up, how he asked Katie's dad, Joe, permission first, to which he said "On two conditions. One, that my grandchildren don't become Dodger fans. And two, you never try and change my daughter." Bryan continued to explain how him and his brothers had gone out to Catalina the weekend before to set up the whole event. His brothers had taken the earlier Express over to the island that morning to set up the beautiful blanket, food, flowers, and the sign that lead Katie off track...No company needed when you have great brothers like Bryan.

The couple promised to remember the feeling they had at that moment and to visit the location whenever possible. They packed everything up because they were so eager to celebrate with Bryan's brothers. While Kayaking back Katie expressed that all she wanted was to get back to the dock and call everyone she knew. She wanted to yell to the world that she was engaged.

Once they got back to the dock, Katie went to the kayak place and gushed to the women about how she just got engaged. They were so happy and totally comped our kayak rental. What a wonderful surprise! Then someone said "Katie," and Katie turned around to see a blob of six more of her great friends. Their faces seem to blend together and then suddenly they each become individual: Sarah, Adam, Kelly, Amanda, Paul, and Danny! She scream 'shut up' and began to cry all over again. This was the biggest surprise and not expected at all. She felt so loved and special that her friends and future brother-in-laws came to celebrate with her. This moment to Bryan and Katie is still extremely touching and will be remembered forever. They truely have, the best of friends.

Buckets of beers and shots were used to celebrate the amazing day, the Lakers won the championship game, and their was a perfect sunset as they took the Express home. Once on they docked Katie heard screaming as she walked up ramp. As she locked up she saw a ton of green ballons, a giant sign that read 'Congratulations Bryan and Sally,' and a bunch more of her friends: Jamie, Lauren, Josh, Kristy, and Jared. She began to cry all over again! They had a toast with more champagne and Bryan and Katie again felt so lucky! Bryan, Katie and Sarah then went to dinner with Holly Gray that ended the evening on a high note.The day was filled with so much love and happiness.

Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes by phone, email and facebook. You all made the day more special. We are lucky to have such great friends! Thank you so much! We look forward to our amazing future together and being surrounded by the love and support from all of you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

We Registered!

Bryan is training to be a monster...
Let's just say, I love registering and Bryan did not. It made the guy way grumpy. I didn't realize that being a grow up was so expensive. I've lived on my own for 9 years so I'm use to spending money on plates, towels, cups...etc. BUT the selection for the finer things in life at Macy's was crazy. 25 dollars for a towel? really? I know we are not the ones buying the gifts we register for but I still don't think I really want to dry off my body with a 25 dollar white towel...Maybe I'm still too young to get it. Is it bad that I would pay that much for a decorative towel but not a towel I would use?

We made it out of the store alive. Bryan, even though he was grumpy, still did well :) Next place to register is Target....stay tuned.

The other place we registered at was honeymoonwishes.com This is the main place we hope to get our gifts. This registry was sooo much fun for the both of us. We finally decided on our destination. New Zealand!!! We can't wait :) On the registry we picked out all the crazy activities we want to do. This was a good time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wine tasting

I went down to San Diego, where my mom lives, to plan out more wedding stuff. The day was fantastic. We went to get mani and pedi's and then went to look at flower girl dresses for my 3 year old niece, Scarlett. When looking at dresses she was very opinionated, "that one isn't pretty enough. Nope not that one. I LOVE this one..." It was so funny to hear her say her sentences so clear and attached to such a strong opinion :) Then we went back to the house to try wine for the wedding. Since we are able to supply our own booze we are trying to find that best wine at the best price. The first few bottles of wine were great...but then I stopped remembering what I was drinking....It was a great night!

Wedding chain

Our wedding chain is getting comfortable in it's new home. It almost wraps around the whole room.

Making a new home

This past month had been amazing. Bryan and I moved in with his parents. To some of you this may sound like a crazy thing to do. But for us it is a great oppertunity to save money and have the wedding and honeymoon we always wanted. The ultimate goal is to save enough money for a down payment on a house but we are focused on baby steps. Living with his family has a been wonderful. We have our own room and bathroom that is seperated from the other rooms. We have plenty of privacy. I have always loved living with a bunch of people so for me it's always entertaining. There is only one rule in the Green household: No saying the F word, it'll cost you a quarter.

In the first week Bryan had paid 1.50 and I was up to a dollar. The bucket, after a month is up to about 8 bucks!! The Greens are slowly learning their lesson :)