Saturday, July 10, 2010

Almost married...

As the days get closer the chain gets shorter...The other day we went to go get our marrage liscense. I thought it was going to be a long painful process but it was actually really quick. Bryan and I were both presently surprised. After the easy task we treated ourselves to the movie Toy Story 3. I balled my eyes out while Bryan laughed at my tears...It was a perfect day :)

The year of weddings

This year has been a big year for weddings and babies :) Bryan and I had so much fun at all these weddings and we're looking forward the other two weddings this year!
The Slattery wedding was the most recent wedding we went to. It was June 26th in Seattle. The weekend was completely amazing. Bryan and I had so much fun. We were able to see the city, which was great because Bryan hadn't seen it before. The day after the wedding a large group of us went white water rafting. The sights were breath taking.

The Ricker wedding was May 29th 2010. The wedding was perfect and was such a wonderful location. The bride and groom are both close friends of ours so it was extra special.

The first wedding of the year belongs to the Powell wedding. It was so much fun!!Here are some high lights of the night!