Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's a BOY!

We are please to announce that we are having a BOY!! We are beyond excited. To celebrate and reveal the sex of the baby we had a gender reveal party. It was really important to Bryan and I that we find out the sex of the baby at the same time as everyone else. We had an ultrasound appointment on Friday to check the health of the baby as well as find out the sex. It was so neat to see our little baby. He's grown so much. We got to see his hands, feet, brain, and his little face. The ultrasound tech wrote down the sex and put it in an envelope. We took that envelope straight to Tall Mouse Craft store and had them put blue (for a boy) or Pink (for a girl) balloons in a box. Right before the party on Saturday I picked up the box with Jamie and she wrapped it so we couldn't peek at all. The party was amazing and I was so excited the whole time! It was wonderful to be surrounded by the people we love and care about. Thanks everyone for coming. Enjoy the video and pictures below!
We did a baby pool for when the baby is due :)

Andrea, me, Candace and baby Bacon.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby likes to gamble!

On October 15th we went to the horse races with Bryans family for Bryan's birthday. Bryan has been really busy lately so this was a perfect event to celebrate his life. Drinking, gambling, family and hot dogs. Ricky (Bryan's youngest brother) couldn't come because he's in Japan this year but there was a horse named rick. The whole family put in 2 bucks each for him to win...The horse came in dead last! At least we had faith :) Right before the 8th race, everyone was putting in their bets. I was eating popcorn and Bryan was in line for some nachos. That is when I felt the baby. It felt like butterfly's or like a puff of air. It was so neat. I jumped out of my seat and rushed to Bryan. He couldn't feel anything but we both couldn't stop smiling. I started crying. We are both so proud that our baby likes to gamble!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Our baby likes to move it, move it!

On September 1st Bryan and I had a doctors appointment. I was so excited because at this point the baby was 11 1/2 weeks and I was beginning to feel like I wasn't pregnant at all. At the beginning of my pregnancy I felt like I was hung over every day. Nothing made me feel better. I was addicted to mango's, pickles and bacon. I never threw up but I wanted to. I thought it would make me feel better, it probably wouldn't. Around week 9 I felt so much better! I could eat other foods again and I wasn't as tired. I thought I would be happy by this relief but it only made me scared. There was a certain amount of comfort from being sick. I expected to not feel good because there was a person growing inside me, when I felt better I was scared that this meant the tiny human stopped growing.

As soon as the doctor pointed out our little baby I was so happy. There isn't any other feeling like it. Our baby's heart was beating and he was using all his strength to move around. Our baby likes to move it, move it! I still watch the video. It so cool to see. After the visit to the doctor we told the world (facebook) about the expected baby. Bryan and I felt on top of the world the rest of the day. We had so many people congratulating us and sending us their love. It was wonderful!

two proud parents :)

Lake Vacation!

This summer Bryan and I were spoiled! We started off our 8 day vacation at a small lake called Scott's Flat that is located in Northern California. Andrea and I grew up going to this lake and so this trip was extra special for us. The four families (Caslavas, Grovers, Caras, and Johnsons) would make the long drive up to the lake every summer since I was about 7 years old. It was the best part of summer. After all of us kids graduated high school our schedules got hectic, the trips stopped happening. After many years of not going to Scott's Flat, we decided it was time to visit memory lane. Andrea and I got to show our Husbands where we learned how to ski, wake board, knee board and more importantly hardcore tubing :) It's a lake that we hope baby Green will know and love as well.
The whole group! Each of the original four families is represented here. We are missing a few from each family but each family has also grown. I love all of these people so much! I've know most of them since I was 3 years old.

This trip was also special to us because my niece, Scarlett, got to come. She loved it!
After the wonderful3 days on Scott's Flat Lake, some people went home and the rest continued on the journey to house boating at Lake Shasta. Once we got up to Lake Shasta we met up with some of our other friends. We were excited because Bryan's brother, Kevin, and Kevin's girlfriend, Val, came up too! Here's a picture of our Costco run...The first night on the boat was a party night. We had a ton of fun! Although we didn't plan on it being only couples, it ended up being 7 couples (5 newly weds and 2 'almost' engaged). Being pregnant kept me from drinking but it didn't slow me down :)We played flip cup (I played with water). I wanted to keep playing but I ended up with a bunch of drunk people :)

One of the nights we were playing 'the newly wed' game on the top of the houseboat and we had a visitor. We named her Paul. She loved us!

This is a picture of the group that was on our houseboat. Couples Retreat 2011 was awesome!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy One Year!

July 30th 2011

I still can't believe it's been a full year since we had our wedding day! This year has been filled with so much love and happiness. It's been full of ups and downs and Bryan and I have loved every minute of it :)

To celebrate our anniversary we really wanted to go back to Catalina where we got engaged. As the date got closer we realized that Bryan would be at improv camp on our anniversary. Once we found out we were pregnant we decided to lay low and not spend a lot of money. The day before our anniversary I went to visit Bryan at improv camp and had a bunch of fun. James, the director, pull us both on stage to play a game called love letters, where we improvised love letters to each other and the other improvisiors acted the letters out. It was really sweet and we had a bunch of fun. Thanks James!!
Then a few days later on Aug 3rd Bryan took me to the OC fair. I LOVE going to the fair and Bryan does not :) It was a sweet surprise and I was so happy he took me. I couldn't go on the rides so we just walked around, looked at the exhibits and animals, and ate bad food. We had a blast.

Then we were super lucky and got the chance to get an ultrasound. We left the fair and made our way to the ultrasound tech school. As soon as I saw the tiny heart beat I burst into tears. I couldn't believe it. It was real. Bryan and I really made a person. I know it's a miracle but it still is just so nuts to me that there is a baby growing inside me. I LOVE it :) Bryan took a video. Even though the baby doesn't look like anything more than a ball, you can see the little heart beat :)

As soon as we knew the heart beat was strong we started to tell more people when we saw them in person. We couldn't wait any longer, we were just too excited! The more people we told the more we realized just how much our baby was already loved. It felt so wonderful to be supported by so many people that we love and respect. People said things such as "your baby is going to be so bad ass" and "I'm going to love the sh#t out of that baby"...

Just to let you know baby; it doesn't matter what sex you are, how many toes you have, how many sleepless nights you give me and your father, who you marry, what you want to be when you grow are loved.

Start Spreading the News

As soon as I told Bryan about the baby all I wanted to do was tell our families and friends! Bryan thought it would be best to wait because it was still so early. Him and his dad went into the garage to work on a few projects. He quickly walked back into our room a shut the door and said "we have to tell our parents cause all I want to do right now is tell my dad." I was so excited that he came around to the idea and we immediately started planning how we would tell everyone. We decided we would only tell our families and some of our close friends until I was further along.

Later that day Bryan and I went to our friends Andy and Jeff's wedding. It was such a fun wedding and we'll remember it forever! In order for me to look like I was drinking at the wedding we let our friends Sarah and Eddie in on our big news! They were super supportive and they toasted to our new little family :) They did a great job at making sure my glass of wine was always half empty, especially Eddie!

On Monday (July 18Th)
In honor of my grandma I decided I wanted to cook her favorite meal for Bryan's family. It just so happened that it would also be the perfect night to tell his family about the baby. Bryan's grandparents, parents, brothers, and Val were all there. I worked really hard to make my grandmas fried chicken but I must admit, I've got some learnin' to do. We toasted with coke from a glass bottle (her favorite) and I was honored that the whole family was there to comfort me and toast to my grandma.

This video is Bryan telling the family. It's priceless!

Bryan's parents were both so excited.

Jimmy got dirt in his eye...

The whole family.
All the Green men :)

On Tuesday (July 19Th)
we went down to my grandpas house for a BBQ in honor of my grandma. The whole family was feeling down and we thought it would be important to get together and be supportive of each other and share the happy stories of grandma. This was the perfect time to share the news of the baby. We wanted to share some happy news to hopefully perk up the family or at least give them something to look forward to. My mom was so happy for us. I couldn't wait to tell her. I knew she was really upset about her mom and it made me feel special to let her know that she was going to be a grandma (again!)

That same day we made a trip to see my dad and tell him the special news too. He was excited in his own way :)

After we left my dads place we made our way over to the Brian's to see the 3 day old Nathan and to see how the new parents were doing. It was already pretty late at night so we knew it would be a quick visit. While we were visiting we also let them know about our little growing baby.

Candace and I have always wanted to be pregnant at the same time...although I didn't know at the time, but we were both preggers for 5 weeks! Hopefully in the future we can plan a bit better :)
The video is blurry but Candace's reaction is awesome! Enjoy.

That Friday we were lucky enough to have his aunt LaDonna and cousins come into town. Bryan's mom had a bbq at the house. The whole family was there including both of his aunts. We also invited Jamie, Scott, Jason and Shannon over so they could hear the news too. It was so hard to give excuses to Jamie on why I wasn't drinking! As I got up from the table to go to the bathroom she told Bryan that she thought I was pregnant. He tried to brush it off but she knew her BFF too well. As soon as I got back Bryan announced to everyone I was pregnant and Jamie yelled "I knew it" and burst into tears. She was so happy and it made me start to cry as well. It took others a few minutes to realize that we weren't joking :)

The next people we told were our friends Mike and Andrea. It was perfect because we went out on the boat and that is where we got to tell them the great news! Bryan and I are looking forward to all the many trips we get to experience with the Slattery's and their future children. Enjoy the video (done by Kevin G)