Monday, February 8, 2010

We Registered!

Bryan is training to be a monster...
Let's just say, I love registering and Bryan did not. It made the guy way grumpy. I didn't realize that being a grow up was so expensive. I've lived on my own for 9 years so I'm use to spending money on plates, towels, cups...etc. BUT the selection for the finer things in life at Macy's was crazy. 25 dollars for a towel? really? I know we are not the ones buying the gifts we register for but I still don't think I really want to dry off my body with a 25 dollar white towel...Maybe I'm still too young to get it. Is it bad that I would pay that much for a decorative towel but not a towel I would use?

We made it out of the store alive. Bryan, even though he was grumpy, still did well :) Next place to register is Target....stay tuned.

The other place we registered at was This is the main place we hope to get our gifts. This registry was sooo much fun for the both of us. We finally decided on our destination. New Zealand!!! We can't wait :) On the registry we picked out all the crazy activities we want to do. This was a good time.

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