Monday, November 15, 2010

Our honeymoon!

We are lucky to have two honeymoon's planned. Our first honeymoon adventure was a trip up the coast to the redwoods.We did this trip right after the wedding! It was the perfect getaway trip. We had never gone camping just the two of us so we were learned a ton about each other on this trip...The trip was 7 days totaly. We went to Solvang, Napa, Big Sur, Pismo Beach, Carmel, Monterey aquarium, Winchester House, Clear Lake, and the Redwoods. The trip was filled with normal honeymoon activites, camp fires, beer, reading harry potter book 7, sexy time, wine, hikes, rope swings and cribbage matches. Our second honeymoon is going to be to New Zealand. That trip starts on Dec 19th. I'll keep you posted. Below or some G rated videos from our road trip.

First campground

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