Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mothers day

This was my very first mothers day. I'm completely overwhelmed with happiness that my son choose me to be his mom. He is such a sweet little man that fills my days with huge smiles and lots of poop. I've loved being a mom and I'm grateful for all the love. For mothers day we originally planned on going to the park with just the three of us but my friend Andrea invited us to a mothers day BBQ. Since our house was still turned upside down from the flood (more on this later) we were excited to get away. We went down to Poway and enjoyed an afternoon with some of our favorite moms and their families. Danny went into the hot tub for the first time. He put up with it for a good ten minutes but then started to get fussy. The water wasn't warm enough yet :) The evening ended with a foot rub from the hubby. It was a wonderful first mothers day!

All the moms. I've know know these women since I was about 3 years old.

Andrea, Danny and I before our swim.

My boys!

My moony man and me

Happy mothers day to all!

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