Friday, July 27, 2012

Dreams and floods

I am constantly thinking about Danny and his well being. If I'm not with him I have to actively force my brain to stop thinking about him. Being a mom is wonderful and amazing. Bryan and I feel so lucky that Danny picked us to be his parents. We just want to do what's right by him.
I never thought I would be happy about getting puked on but when it makes Danny feel better it's totally worth it.
Danny's first big smile was thanks to Grandpa Green, who was giving Danny a foot massage. After that smile on April 13th the smiles have been non stop. It warms my heart every time I see him smile. Sometimes when I'm trying to put him to sleep he'll smile at me in a very flirty way. I can't help but smile back at him, even though I'm trying to put him down for a nap...

I didn't realize that bizarre dreams came with pregnancy and motherhood. When I was pregnant I dreamt that my friend Candace and I were taking pictures of our boys under the Christmas tree. Bryan was mad and I couldn't figure out why. Then Candace said "you should put your baby back before he can't take it anymore." I causally agreed and put my baby back in my belly and sewed it up. Isn't that nuts? I guess I was so excited to take pictures of Candace's son and my son together. It's understandable why Bryan was upset in my dream:)
The other dream that was worth remembering while pregnant was I dreamt that I was in jail. Since I was in jail I had to breast feed my baby through the bars. Talk about a stress dream! I was scared that I wouldn't be able to breast feed.
Now that Danny is here it feels like I don't really get enough sleep to dream but I do occasionally. Danny has had a pretty bad trapped gas problem and so we give him this stuff called gripe water to soothe his tummy. I had a dream that there was a giant earthquake and we were in the second story of a house. I was holding Danny and the whole top on the house fell to the ground. After I knew Danny and I were okay, I frantically starting looking for the gripe water. Think we're a little dependent on that stuff?

The Flood
Bryan and I live with Bryan's parents in a tri-level house. They have upstairs, we share the middle floor (kitchen and living room) and we have the down stairs (two bedrooms, bathroom and an office/studio). Our downstairs toilet will flush all the gross stuff away and then sometimes the chain gets hung up so the bowl continues to fill up with water. So much water that it'll overflow. This has happened twice and we caught it within 10 minutes or so. When Danny was 5 weeks old, the flood happened at night (not so easy to catch). Danny woke up at 2am and Bryan and I went to change his diaper...The carpet was wet! The toilet had been pumping out water for at least 2 hours. Just what every mother wants. The water flowed throughout the whole downstairs; Danny's room, our closets, hallway, and our bedroom.
While the bedrooms were being dried out and te-done, Danny and I slept in the spare room upstairs and Bryan slept on the coach. When Danny was 10 weeks the construction stopped and we were able to move back into our rooms. What an adventure!

Having a baby is full of surprises and we can't control a thing. I'm happy that Bryan and I are a strong team. We're looking forward to any adventure, big or small, that goes with being parents!
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