Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last days...

The last few days of December were a little hard. Bryan and I gave up our lovely blue and brown apartment and moved in with his parents. Our hope is that we are able to save money for a future house. It'll take some time but we are looking forward to the possibilities! Although we are happy about our choice, it wasn't easy to leave the apartment. I have lived there for 3 and half years...Thats the longest place I have live since my parents were married. Bryan and I lived there together for 2 and half years and there are just so many happy memories there.

We enjoyed our last evening of the apartment hot tub!

Our Christmas Stockings 2007-2009

Moving day was a sad but playful day

Bryan knew that if we made the day playful it wouldn't be so sad for me. It worked until I saw the empty room.

These were our last few moments in the apartment. Me and my Blue wall I painted...Wonderful Snowman will miss Scarecrow...

Good Bye apartment 334! You were good to us...

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