Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Engaged at Christmas

This year Christmas was extra fun. This was Bryan and I's first year of doing all Christmas stuff together. Christmas was filled with so much love, family and friends. Every year Bryan makes a Christmas Carol. This year we did one together. Whenever the Christmas carol "cold outside" comes on Bryan and I sing it but we change the words. The song sounds very creepy to begin with, so we just push it over the edge. This year we actually produced our version of it. We had a ton of fun. Bryan also had my little Neice, Scarlett, in the studio. She sang two songs and they were great, cheap Christmas gifts! I'm not sure how to put sound on this blog but once I do, I'll put it up!

Bryan got a golf club...if you couldn't tell by the wrap job :)

This is Bryan's Christmas Beard...He grows it every year because he doesn't have to teach for two weeks because of the holidays. This year it came in really full. I think next year it'll be a monster!

Camping in the Mud caves after Christmas!!!

For the past couple of years our friends Danny and Kelly (soon to be The Rickers) throws a Holiday dinner. This was our second year going and we always have so much fun!

This is the whole group!

The Rickers do such a great job of 'Making Christmas'

These three ladies are Engaged!!!

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