Monday, July 25, 2011

May 2011

May was such a fantastic month! So many wonderful things happened :) It started off with Sarah's Kentucky derby 25th birthday party. She did an amazing job planning it. We all got to bet on horses, drink mint juleps and eat hot browns. I was impressed that so many people dressed up, I loved it!

Mint julep cupcakes...EVERY tasty!

The birthday girl and I.

My southern gentelmen.

My horse, stay thirsty (totally didn't win, but it was fun to shout stay thirsty at the TV for about 3 minutes.)

The race begins!

After the race was over, Bryan and I switched clothes an made our way down to Newport beach for Jamie's birthday beach bon fire. I was so excited to spend some time around a warm bon fire on the beach. Jamie had the perfect bon fire snacks: hot dogs, jello shots, s'mores and beer! Great way to kick off the summer. It was a very fun night :)

Just a few weeks after the girls birthdays was my graduation. I couldn't believe it. I finished! I finished my masters. It was finally all over. I was so happy that I kicked but and got to finish with my friends. It was a splendid day and I miss seeing these girls every week. We did it!

Natalie, Vanessa and I.

The parents :)

My brothers!

After the ceremony we went back to the Greens house for a graduation BBQ. Thank you everyone who came. I loved the support!

The biggest supporter of all, my husband. I'm so lucky :)

Next on the list for May was Candace's baby shower. I was over the moon about planning this shower! I've know Candace since I was two and she feels like a sister to me. Her mom, Danielle and myself put her nautical themes baby shower together. It came out better than I expected.

Danielle (preggers), Candace, and myself.

We put hand prints on fabric and a friend is making a quilt.

Everyone got the chance to make baby onies. This was a huge hit!

Memorial day weekend was spent with the Slattery's. It was Mikes 25th birthday and we spent the weekend off roading in a desert somewhere. It was so much fun. I haven't been off roading in a really long time, and certainly not the way we were off roading. There were quite a few times that I screamed in fear but I still felt totally safe with Mike driving. They brought their RV, which was a different type of camping that I have every done. It was way more of a community of camping. It was really fun!

Mike even let Bryan drive. It was very nervous but he did amazing! Here he is rock climbing while Mike guides him.

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