Sunday, December 20, 2009

I hate Kurt Maloney!

The title of this blog may come to a shock to some of you...well I guess I should say most of you. You are correct in being shocked. My haterd only started last night! Bryan and live for flip cup. We breathe flip cup and cherish the times we get to play flip cup. At our Stamp party we played flip cup all night. There is one game in particular that I will remember for my whole life...and Kurt messed it up for us. The team was a group of lovely, talented ladies. Their drinking and flipping abilities are quite impressive. I started our team off with a perfect one and done, my team continued with this wonderful trend. I couldn't believe my eyes. Could our team really do a complete round with ALL one and dones? My happiness grew as Becky got a one and done because I knew Sarah Parga could pull off a one and done. She was our anchor, our strength! Just then Kurt Maloney stepped in and runied it. I HATE KURT MALONEY!

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