Thursday, September 16, 2010

CSz Bachlorette party

I was lucky enough to have two bacholrette parties. My first one was on a cruise to Mexico (I'll blog about that later) and my second one was with my comedy sportz girls. The night was two weeks before the wedding so it really was my LAST night out as a single lady. What I thought was going to be dinner and a sleep over with some girlfriends turned into one of the best nights ever. We started off at Natasha's house for a couple of drinks and then off to dinner we went. When we got to the bar (where we had dinner) there was a Jamaican cricket team! Of course all of us were excited to be surrounded by tall, athletic, Jamaican men. The owner of the bar bought us all a round of tequila shots (I love being a girl) and the night took off from there!

Thank you Sarah and Natasha for such a wonderful night out! You were amazing hosts :)

The night was amazing!!! I was surrounded by so many wonderful ladies :) It was perfect way to say good bye to my single days!

At the bar I was given a list of things that I needed to complete before leaving. Some of the things listed were: get 50 phone numbers, get a guy to moon everyone, give a guy a tattoo, find a condom, make a toilet paper veil...etc.GOOD Times. I finished every task!

Find a guy with a condom...This guy handed me an EXTRA large one :)

Once we got back to Natasha's house we played dirty pictionary. This has to be one of my favorite games to play!Can you guess what I was drawing??

Closer to the end of the night we got a lovely knock on the door. Some sexy firefighters were ready to put out some type of fire :) haha. It was really fun. The reactions of all the girls were some of my favorite pictures!! (The three guys were our friends, so it made the night that much more fun)

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