Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy One Year!

July 30th 2011

I still can't believe it's been a full year since we had our wedding day! This year has been filled with so much love and happiness. It's been full of ups and downs and Bryan and I have loved every minute of it :)

To celebrate our anniversary we really wanted to go back to Catalina where we got engaged. As the date got closer we realized that Bryan would be at improv camp on our anniversary. Once we found out we were pregnant we decided to lay low and not spend a lot of money. The day before our anniversary I went to visit Bryan at improv camp and had a bunch of fun. James, the director, pull us both on stage to play a game called love letters, where we improvised love letters to each other and the other improvisiors acted the letters out. It was really sweet and we had a bunch of fun. Thanks James!!
Then a few days later on Aug 3rd Bryan took me to the OC fair. I LOVE going to the fair and Bryan does not :) It was a sweet surprise and I was so happy he took me. I couldn't go on the rides so we just walked around, looked at the exhibits and animals, and ate bad food. We had a blast.

Then we were super lucky and got the chance to get an ultrasound. We left the fair and made our way to the ultrasound tech school. As soon as I saw the tiny heart beat I burst into tears. I couldn't believe it. It was real. Bryan and I really made a person. I know it's a miracle but it still is just so nuts to me that there is a baby growing inside me. I LOVE it :) Bryan took a video. Even though the baby doesn't look like anything more than a ball, you can see the little heart beat :)

As soon as we knew the heart beat was strong we started to tell more people when we saw them in person. We couldn't wait any longer, we were just too excited! The more people we told the more we realized just how much our baby was already loved. It felt so wonderful to be supported by so many people that we love and respect. People said things such as "your baby is going to be so bad ass" and "I'm going to love the sh#t out of that baby"...

Just to let you know baby; it doesn't matter what sex you are, how many toes you have, how many sleepless nights you give me and your father, who you marry, what you want to be when you grow are loved.

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