Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby likes to gamble!

On October 15th we went to the horse races with Bryans family for Bryan's birthday. Bryan has been really busy lately so this was a perfect event to celebrate his life. Drinking, gambling, family and hot dogs. Ricky (Bryan's youngest brother) couldn't come because he's in Japan this year but there was a horse named rick. The whole family put in 2 bucks each for him to win...The horse came in dead last! At least we had faith :) Right before the 8th race, everyone was putting in their bets. I was eating popcorn and Bryan was in line for some nachos. That is when I felt the baby. It felt like butterfly's or like a puff of air. It was so neat. I jumped out of my seat and rushed to Bryan. He couldn't feel anything but we both couldn't stop smiling. I started crying. We are both so proud that our baby likes to gamble!

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