Saturday, January 7, 2012


For Thanksgiving this year we changed up the scenery. Since my mom and step dad go to Arizona to be with my step family and my dad spends Thanksgiving with his girlfriend and her family, Bryan and I don't have to spend our time jumping to a million different homes. We get to stick with his family and we are thankful for how easy it is. Bryan's Aunt Terry and Uncle Ronnie have a houseboat at Katherine's Landing in Lake Mohave and they were nice enough to host Thanksgiving weekend this year. My little brother, Dusty, got to join us. The houseboat was only 15 minutes from Laughlin, so we booked our hotel there. We had a blast! What made the weekend extra special is that Bryan's Aunt LaDonna's family flew out from Colorado to surprise Bryan's Grandma and Grandpa. It made the weekend complete! We drove around the lake in Grandpa Pat's patio boat and enjoyed the afternoon. We went to a buffet for Thanksgiving dinner and no one had turkey :) After dinner we walked around the casino and gambled. I got to teach my brother how to play craps which was really fun! The weekend ended with the family watching Elf. Thanksgiving was filled with family, love, and slot machines.

Dusty and I in the casino
Drinking and gambling!

Aunt Terry and Shelly enjoying the sunset off the back of the houseboat.

Out at a dirty club...

Patio boat tour of the lake.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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