Saturday, March 3, 2012

San Diego Baby Shower

For my San Diego shower my mom and my best friend Andrea threw it at Andrea's house. It was sooo freakin' cute. Since baby Green's nursery is camping theme, my mom and Andrea made the baby shower camping theme. They did such a great job with all the little details. The house was filled with family, new friends, friends that I've had for over 20 years and family friends that have know me since I was a baby. I loved every second of it! I'm a very lucky lady.
Everyone got a mason jar for their drinks.

Instead of cards, people got me baby books and wrote a sweet note inside me and baby Green. It was a great way to get baby Green's book collection started.

Everyone brought a baby picture and we had to guess who each person was. It was really fun to see what everyone looked like a baby :)

We got so many amazing gifts! My mom and dad pitched in and got me my glider for the baby's room. I was so excited because it was the last piece of furniture we needed for the baby's room!
Nancy made these little booties!
Everyone got a chance to decorate a onesie for baby Green.
Some of the yummy desserts!
These were the party favors. Packages of S'mores. Way cute!
These are all the amazing women that came to my shower!
Nancy, mom, Jennie,me, Sue, Jancie and Andrea.
My mother in law and my mom.
Candace, Me and Danielle with our boys. We're looking forward to the future with these little men.
My mom, me, Nathan, Candace and Barbara (Candace's mom)

During the shower my mom put red string on every one's wrist to represent support and love for me, baby Green and Bryan as I got through labor. The women were really interested in supporting my boobs too ;)

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