Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Zealand Day 15!!

January 4th 2011
This morning we woke up in Milford Sound. It was so beautiful. We sailed our way out to the Tasman Sea and then back to the dock. There was about 9 of us that still really wanted to go skydiving...The tour bus was on it's way back to Queenstown to drop some people off and then it was on it's way to Lake Ohua, a lodge about 5 hours away. The 9 of us decided to stay in Queenstown and skydive. Emmo, our wonderful tour manager, set us up with a taxi van to get us back to the tour bus when we were done. We were sold. I have skydived before but not since I was 20 years old. Mike, Andrea and Bryan had not gone before so this was the perfect first jump. The view was beautiful and I couldn't wait to see the view. I was so excited. Enjoy the videos and pictures!

All suited up and ready to go! Bryan and I are so lucky to have friends like the Slattery's. Skydiving was our wedding present from them. It was exactly what we love in a gift, an experience full of wonderful memories.

Check out the view!

Honey Moon!

We made it down safely. It was so wonderful!
We tried so hard to get a good jumping picture...maybe next time :)
Our view in the taxi on the way to lake Ohua. Here was our taxi fare...totally worth it (Emmo worked out a deal so we only had to pay 500 bucks)

When we got to the lodge everyone had just finished dinner and was hanging out in the hot tub or playing games at the bar. It was a quite and relaxing night. It was a bit sad knowing that the trip was almost over. This was the second to last night of the trip. We had made so many wonderful friends that we didn't want to leave...We called it an early night to make sure we were ready for our last night out!

Our Skydiving videos. Enjoy!

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