Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Valentines Day

Our first Valentines day
The first year of marriage is so much fun. It is full of firsts all over again. Our first Christmas, Our first trip, Our first movie and our first Valentines day. I would say that we are not the most romantic couple. We prefer wakeboarding and beers to an expensive dinner with champagne. That being said, we are big on milestones and experiences. This is our fifth year of celebrating Valentines day. Our first Vday was spent at the beach, so this year we did the same.
I woke up in the morning to a love letter and red roses. This is the third time I have received flowers from my baby, so flowers are a big deal. The love letter was wonderful and made me cry.

We took our nice camera to the beach to capture the beauty.

Bryan remembered our wedding favors :) It was a nice touch to the evening.

My Vday gift to Bryan was making him pasta salad. I'm trying to get better at cooking more often so I though today would be the best day to make him his first wife 'cooked' meal. It turned out really good! He loved it.
Ice cream, two spoons
Our favorite game, cribbage. I'm not going to say who won.

My sexy husband
After experiencing the beauty of New Zealand it's great to look at our country with fresh eyes. We live in our own beautiful state.

As the sun went down we started the fire for hot dogs

It was a wonderful, peaceful evening.

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