Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Zealand-Last day :(

January 6th 2011
We woke up really early and jumped on the plane to go home. We were so tired and sad about leaving. Mike and Andrea surprised us with upgrading our seats to first class! It was so wonderful. I had never sat in the front row before. All the drinks and food were for free. We had a grade ol' time. The first flight was from Christchurch to Melbourne, Australia. The second flight was from Melbourne to Sydney. Then we got on our last flight that was from Sydney to LA. The last flight wasn't first class but it was an upgrade for sure! We got champagne with take off. I'm not sure how I'll ever go back to coach seats :) The Slattery's spoiled us, we loved it!

Once we landed we meet up with Brooks and Sam. We took them around Hollywood while Sam had a layover. We also got to take them to see ComedySportz. We didn't play but it was great to show them what we do best. We dropped Sam off at LAX and took Brooks back to our house to get some sleep.

The next day, Mike and Andrea flew up to take Ben and Brooks on a ride. After the ride the Slattery's had to go back home before the sunset and the rest of us went out to dinner with Ben's AUnt and Uncle. They were awesome. We had cocktail hour and then went to dinner. It was so much fun. The whole trip was amazing and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for everyone who helped us get there! Thank you to all the amazing people we met! Thank you to our wonderful friends Mike and Andrea for coming with us, you were great company! We love you all.

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