Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Zealand-day 16

January 5th 2011
Today we left Lake Ohua and went back to Christchurch to leave for home. The weather was so bad that we couldn't see the beautiful lake. We were bummed but it was okay. Once back in Christchurch we were able to walk around the town and we really got a chance to experience the damage the earthquake caused...Now that I am writing this journal entry weeks after the second earthquake I am extremely devastated by the damage it has caused. It's strange to see the pictures of Christchurch as we knew it, now it has changed.
This is a picture of me pout about it being our last day. The bruise on my chest is from the zip hitting my chest over and over again while skydiving. When we checked into the hotel at Christchurch I started to cry. I was so sad about leaving New Zealand and all our new friends. Bryan gave me a hug and for the first time told me "I can't wait for you to plan our next vacation." Little did he know, Andrea and I have already started planning :)

Making a wish that we could stay just a little bit longer :)

Some of the damage from the first earthquake... Last night out at the bar.

Bryan 'ice' skating in Christchurch.

When saying good-bye to everyone we started crying all over again. I was so sad. I think I was also really sad because I knew that New Zealand was our big trip of a life time, and it was over. We would love to travel to Europe, Africa and South America...but that isn't really in our budget. This was our big trip...We hope someday we'll be able to go to the other places on our bucket list but at the moment we are more than happy with our choice. New Zealand was amazing. It was better than I could imagine.

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