Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our first baby

Now that New Zealand is over, Bryan and I were feeling a bit sad. The past couple of years have been extremely jammed packed with fun. Ever since our engagement we have been now stop. A whole year of planning for the wedding, then another 6 months for New Zealand. This is the first time in a year and half that Bryan and I have had a chance to stand still, and I don't really like it. I love to plan! It's hard to plan for the future when we are at a point in our lives that we can't control. We are still living with Bryan's parents and we still enjoy it. They are wonderful company and we have our own space. It is just time for Bryan and I to get our own place. We have never lived just the two of us. The problem is we really want to buy, not rent. We're saving up for a down payment but it may be a while. This is my last semester of the Masters Program and I can't wait. Although I don't think I will get a full time job in the Fall, I am looking forward to the freedom to work as a sub, and a server, now that I won't have school to worry about.
Since we can't control the job market and buying a house/condo we have switched to focusing on things that do make us happy and things that we can control.
We bought our very first baby together. A baby Hydrangea plant. It's name is Aqua man. Isn't it beautiful!

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