Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Zealand Day 12

January 1st 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! This day was non-stop fun! We started at 630 AM with a quick breakfast. We were tired from the night before but that didn't stop us from getting excited for the day. First on the list was the shotover jet ride. It's a jet that races across the Shotover River and gets really close to the edge o the cliffs. Since it was 730 Am the air was really cold and the water that splashed in our faces made it extra cold! The ride and water in our faces was a perfect cure to a hangover. The 360 degree turns were thrilling. We got so close to the sides of the canyon wall that I couldn't help but scream!

After the fun trip we jumped into wet suits, boots and helmets. We got into a helicopter and flew through the canyon, up to the start of the rafting trip on Shotover River. The pilot was a bit rishy with his quick turns through the canyon. We landed and jumped into our white water rat. Bryan and I were so excited to go white water rafting. We had gone rafting in Seattle and it was the best way to see the beauty in the city.

Rafting down the rapids was so different than Seattle. the scenery was more desert like, we were rafting through a canyon. We saw baby goats, which was super cute. Most of the rapids were a bit tame. We were able to jump out of the raft and float in the river. New Zealand people are so laid back. Their answer to any question is "sure, why not?" The water was so cold but it felt good to float in it. Wet suits are awesome! We had a blast!

From rafting we went into town to get a bite to eat. We ate at the world famous FergBurger. I hadn't heard of it before but we didn't want to miss out. It was very tasty. New Zealand didn't have the variety of food we were used to in here. We meet up with the Slattery's and they came with us to AJ Hackett Navis Bungy jump! This bungee jump is 440 feet free fall. We were so thankful that they came to support us! AJ Hackett is the guy that made bungee jumping a worldwide adrenaline activity. Queenstwon is where it all began, i had to Jump! Plus, they had a perfect record, no accidents. This information was comforting...

It was a long bus ride to the jump.I was trying not to freak out about it but my mind was getting the best of me. i had been bungee jumping 6 times before, one of those times was a couple days ago in Taupo. I didn't know why I was so scared. This time the jump was really really long! I couldn't stop looking down. Bryan went before me and i was a bit jealous. I didn't want to have to watch him jump before me.

Bryan after the jump!

I was suited up and the bungee was attached. I couldn't turn my mind off. I knew I wasn't going to back down, I LOVE being scared, but I wanted to enjoy the freefall. I was scared. I, Sally Catherine, was scared.

I was standing at the edge with my toes off the side. I looked down...then straight up to the mountains. I didn't want to hesitate, if I did it would be over...I took a breath, and listened to the count down. 1....2....3...BUNGEE! No stopping, just jumping. The freefall was 8 seconds long. It felt amazing. i loved every second of it. My heart was bounding as the ground got closer. On the first bungee up I began to cry. i had never been so scared before, but I did it anyway. On the second bungee up I started to laugh. it was a mix of emotions. I laid back as they pulled me up. I was so happy to be back in Bryan's arms. I was shaking. 440 feet is a bit too high, but if I ever go back to NZ again, that will be the first thing I do. I LOVE getting scared.

What a crazy day!

We went to dinner at a buffet at the top of one of the mountains in Queenstown. The view was amazing. It looked over the Queenstown Lake at sunset. The weather was perfect! The sights were breath taking. We took a gondola ride up to the top of the mountain.

The food was great. The best food we had the whole time we were in NZ. The whole side of the restaurant was windows so we could see the beautiful view. Bryan tasted the famous Green Muscles...Not very good :)

Dinner with Mikey Mike and Emmo.

the view on the way back down the mountain. The city of Queenstown.

Next stop was to a bar called minus 5. Everyone was really tired because of the night before but we all wanted to make sure we got a chance to experience the ice bar. The whole bar was made of ice, even the cups were made of ice. We got boots, jacket and gloves. there were ice sculptures everywere. Every drink we had felt like two drinks. It hit us fast because our bodies were so cold. We only stayed inside for 40 minutes, which was the perfect amount of time.

After the bar we went back to the hotel. We were exhausted. It was a wonderful first day of the New Year. I love my life. I'm looking forward to 2011!

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