Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Zealand-day 6

December 26th 2010

Today we got to Taupo. It is boxing day. We don't have this holiday in the USA so we were very excited to see what it was all about. It is kind of like our Black Friday, but not as crazy. It was also a pretty weird day because we knew it was Christmas day back home. It was hard to be without our families.
Our first stop of the day was at Huka Falls. The water was so beautiful and clear.

We dropped off a majority of the people at rock N Ropes and a smaller group continued to crater park. There were all these natural steam pits. It was a large field that had random steam coming up from everywhere. It kind of reminded me of New York City in a strange way. The ground was warm and so we had to walk on a dock all over the field. It was really cool to see. Bryan laid down on the ground to feel the warmth...

After the walk we went into town to get lunch at this place that was supposed to have big huge burgers. When we got there we realized that they were 'standard' size burgers for the USA. Everything is bigger in America :) Then we went to find costumes for our boxing day party. That night we were going on a dinner cruise and the theme was boxing day. Bryan wanted to be a boxed jelly fish and I was a noddle box (I handed out fortunes all night and had a Chinese menu on my back).
After we found our costumes it was time for Bryan and I to go bungee jumping. We didn't plan on bungee jumping at this location but it looked so beautiful we couldn't pass it up. Plus, we got to jump together! We were nervous but excited. The river we jumped over was crystal clear blue. We could almost see the bottom. It was beautiful. Everyone on the trip came to watch us jump as well, we felt so loved. We stood at the edge, arm in arm. our toes were peaking off, the rope was so heavy that I thought it was going to pull us off without warning. We cheered our fists and counted to 3. Off we jumped. On the way down I stared right at the river as it rushed toward us. The wind was rushing past my face. I screamed the whole way down.

Once we bungeed up, the blood rushed to my face. As we hung upside down, Bryan and I shared a spider man kiss. It was wonderful. I loved every second of it. Andrea and Mike bought us the pictures and video of the event. I'm so glad they did because we almost didn't and I would have totally regretted it! It was a wonderful surprise :) I'm so happy we have this awesome video to show everyone...feel free to fast forward to 2.25, that's when it gets good!

When we got back to the hotel everyone changed into their boxing day attire for the boxing day party. Some people were wearing only boxes, others were boxers...

Bryan and I tried to skype home for Christmas but we couldn't get through. I was crushed. It was so strange to be away from home on Christmas. Neil let us barrow his phone so we could call home, it was nice to hear the families voice.

The dinner cruise was so much fun. everyone dances and drank. Oh the drinks were flowing. It was only our group on the cruise and so everyone really let loose. We had a dance line that let everyone strut their stuff. It was a real treat!

Me (Chinese take out box), Bryan (boxed Jelly fish), Mike (dick in a box), Andrea (gift in a box).

The view was gorgeous. It was right at sunset. We were also fishing for our dinner.

As the sun was setting the party got more wild!

All the ladies on the boat!

The DJ played the song 'California Girls' by Katy Perry for Andrea and I!

Bryan drinking Tui...Our favorite beer on the trip (it was cheap and good). Then Cris brought glow sticks, which we had a ton of fun with!

After the dinner cruise we went to some local bars to continue the dance party, still in our boxing day outfits. The bars weren't very crowed so we took over the joint. They had a nice lounge where everyone started to give others lap dances, of course Bryan and I joined in...or did we start the game? I can't remember, but it was fun. The next morning we found out that Sam carried Sarah on his shoulders and he crashed. Sarah caught herself with her face, bad idea...but it was all in good fun. It was a wonderful day!

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