Monday, February 7, 2011

New Zealand Day 9

December 29th 2010

Today was a big day of traveling. We woke up early to get on the ferry. We said good-bye to the North Island. We were successful in exploring the North Island. It exceeded any of my expectations. My favorite place was Waitomo. The black water rafting was amazing, one of the best experiences of my life. Now going to the South Island there is a new expectation. We boarded the ferry that lasted for 4 hours. Bryan busted out the beer and played Kings cup with some of our friends. I organized a group to play Uno, booze free. It was, after all, 8AM. People slept, played cards and wandered around the boat.

We got a new bus on the South Island. A real Contiki bus!! I was so happy. The first bus was a different company's bus with Contiki's logo over it. now we have the real deal. This bus was bigger and better! The trip on the bus was to Christchurch and it was so freakin' long. About 5 hours on the bus with a couple beautiful places to stop and enjoy the sights. We drove along the coast line, which reminded me of Southern CA but the water was more clear. I loved it! We also picked dares for each other to do. I sat next to Bryan and we wrote dares for each other. then when Emmo collected everyone dares on the bus he said "What you do to others, do to yourself..." Great...that meant that whatever dare you wrote for your partner, you got the dare instead. Luckily, Bryan and I were nice to each other. Mine was, when anyone on the bus falls asleep I get to draw a penis on their face...Bryan's was to be the wing man for everyone on the bus. Perfect dares for us!

Bryan eating ice cream and sitting in the driver seat!

The beautiful wine country!
We strolled into Christchurch and took a couple hours to explore the city. We were all tired from a long day of traveling. We checked into our hotels and the guys started playing Rugby on the grass lawn in the middle of the hotel grounds.

My red marker for my dare...don't mess with me!!

Dinner was at a restaurant that was 10 steps away from our hotel. it was a bit expensive but really tasty. Bryan and I had a room party after dinner. Our hope was to get rid of some of the vodka that we bought when we first came to New Zealand. We'd been carrying it everywhere and wanted to share it with our traveling friends. That didn't end up happening though. Everyone brought beer and we played a game of charades. it ended up being so much fun! Even though we had a bunch of vodka left at the end of the night...we'll save that for New Years Eve!! We'll be in Queenstown. We can't wait!!!

My team kicking ass at Charades!

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