Monday, February 7, 2011

New Zealand-Day 8

December 28th 2010

We woke up to strong winds and rain. Wellington is supposed to be the second windiest city in the world. I support its title. We put on warm clothes, thank goodness for our rain coats, and jumped into a van that took us to our quad bike riding. This was a great activity. I had never gone quad bike riding before so I was really looking forward to it. The ocean was wild and had huge waves.

Us in the van on the way to the bikes!

The view on the way up the mountain.

The quad bikes all lined up.

Suited up and ready to go!
Once on the quads we followed a team of experiences guys down a trail. The trail had a canopy of trees. It was so lush and beautiful. We rode the bikes through rushing rivers, up and down hills and on the open road. Andrea and I pouted because they wouldn't let us bring our camera's on the bikes. It's understandable but we wanted to capture every moment of the adventure. It was just amazing! The beginning of the trail ride it was raining. It made the trip more interesting. I was happy to experience more than one type of weather while in New Zealand.
Bryan and I enjoying some Milo, not quite coffee and not quite hot chocolate...somewhere in the middle.
Bryan and I went out for lunch with Mike and Andrea in the city. It was cool to walk around a different city. It looked and felt like a clean LA. People were nice and friendly. It was still very windy! We had some lunch at a noddle restaurant. Although we were skeptical at first, the meals were delicious. Bryan and I shared and other L and P soda. still tasted wonderful!!

Back at the hotel I took a nap and did some laundry while Bryan and others went to the botanic Garden. The pictures look beautiful. Bryan had a ton of fun!

That night we went bowling with everyone. It was so much fun. It gave us a chance to bond with the new people. The trip started with 15 people and at this point we were at 22. I love and miss Cris so much. She is from Brazil and I loved talking with her. She has the best accent. While bowling, Emmo dared someone to bowl naked. Of course Bryan and Steve jumped up to the challenge. Those pictures are a bit too risky to put on our blog but they are priceless.

Tui was our favorite beer. You can't find it in the USA but it was yummy and cheap.

Bryan and Charlotte. She's from France, we loved her accent too.

Green's don't need glasses...

Trying to tunnel bowl.

The second game I won! I think 126 is the highest score yet.

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